Tuesday, April 9, 2013

House 11 Dining room moodboard

My new house is going to be decorated largely with what we already have.  The Mold Remediation From Hell has eaten up all of my hardwood floor budget and is now chomping its way through my decorative items budget as well, so we are looking at the old "use what ya got"  and "I hope I can find this on craigslist" method of decorating.

I am going to base the dining room off the orange trellis curtains that were previously in the boys' room, because the new boys' room has a much wider window and those curtains won't fit that window. Those curtains are also discontinued, so I can't buy a second pair to make them work in the boys' room.  Ergo, those curtains are free to make their way into the dining room, where I only need one pair.

The one thing I plan on spending my money on in the dining room is blowing up a photo from our trip to Italy three years ago.  Its a photo of the beach in Santa Maria di Castellabate, where the Mister's family rents a beach house in the summer.  Otherwise, I already have the trellis curtains, a pair of orange lamps, the dining table and chairs, and a console (not the one pictured, but similar in size).

The only problem with this plan is I am totally at a loss with what to do in the boys' room.....but that's tomorrow's post.

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  1. Those orange curtains will go really well with your picture of Italy. I miss Italy. Did I tell you I lived there for two years? Anyway, I'm excited to see what you do with your new house.


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