Wednesday, April 17, 2013

so fresh and so clean: white paint

Things That Make Me Happy: fresh white paint.

Most of the house is being painted Dunn Edwards Whisper.  I originally wanted Benjamin Moore Mascarpone, which is a lovely creamy yet very bright white.  It had a beautiful luminescence.

Unfortunately BM paint was not in our budget. The BM paint was three times as expensive as Dunn Edwards, and that adds up if you are painting an entire house.  We color-matched the Mascarpone to a few different brands of paint, and they came out slightly yellower than we wanted.

I can't seem to get text on this picture, but the large yellow patch to the right is Mascarpone as colormatched by Home Depot, and that wee, barely able to be seen patch next to the left arrow is Dunn Edwards Whisper.

It was a few weeks of dithering in indecision about different possibilities, because I am generally all about dithering for weeks on end and changing my mind fourteen times, but I had to make a decision so that the painter could start (and finish) before we move in.  I finally settled on Whisper. (Actually, the evening that the decision needed to be finalized I was still dithering, and the Mister said "You're using Whisper. Bam. Done."  Thank goodness someone around here can make decisions.  I've already changed my mind three times on paint for the Princess's room.  The painter is not exactly pleased with me.)

The first coat of Whisper went up today, and it looks so much better than the green that was in there before.

And I'm also introducing a pop of trendy neon yellow into the design as well.

I'm not buying a rug for the eat-in area at the moment, but I was concerned that the chair casters might scratch up the floor, so all of the chairs will be wearing tennis ball footwear.


  1. Love the colour! So fresh and soft.


  2. I love the color. Really fresh looking!

  3. What a clever idea using tennis balls to save your floor - I don't know how you think up these things. I hope you reconsider doing the mural - maybe you can get a group of friends over to help - a fun way to bond and get things done all at the same time. I'd offer to help but I live in Australia
    Kind Regards

  4. Love this paint color. Smart move not to use really expensive paint. It will to be repainted in a couple of years, anyway. The teachers in our schools put those balls on the chairs to help the kids who are noise sensitive.

  5. I just love white paint. Your chandelier is amazing! Good idea on the chair casters, I bet the kids think it's pretty cool.


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