Friday, April 12, 2013

more castle/chevron discussion, House 11 boys' room curtains

I showed Princess the two options for her room (chevron wall or castle) and she most emphatically picked the castle, but she also most emphatically does not want me to paint over the pink wall that is already done in her room so...hmm. (She could have cared less about the chevron wall.)  Princess, ever the problem solver, suggested I put the castle on a different white wall.  I could put the castle on the wall opposite the bed (the only wall big enough to accommodate the decal), above the dresser, (like the one in the picture from yesterday) but then that leaves me with a pink accent wall over the bed a la 1995.

I could repaint the pink wall back to white, put the castle over the bed, then paint the white wall with the dresser pink to satisfy Princess's desire for a pink wall.  This would work just fine but oy, what a waste of time and paint and money and making me paint more ugh yuck arg.

Cathy commented that I could paint my own castle, thereby using the paint I already have. I LOVE this idea and think it is fabulous. Except I think it is wildly beyond my skill set.

Look at me all blogging every day this week! Its like I have a house to decorate!

The boys' room for the past two houses (see here and here) has been navy blue and orange.  Since I am moving the orange accents to the new dining room, this leaves me with navy blue and....I dunno, some other color.  I'm trying to work with what we have for window treatments, but I'm running into problems with this room.

The new boys' room has a window that is 93 inches wide, and it is set up high in the wall, and it is off center.  (Fabulous!) This is also most likely the wall that the boys' twin beds will be going on.

My thought is to run curtains across the entire length of the wall, thus disguising the fact that the window is off center, and thus the beds arrayed under that window will also look off center.  Since most curtains are between 44 and 57 inches wide, I need four panels of whatever curtain I use. Except I do not currently have any set of curtains with four panels in my garage of magic leftover decor that say "ooh, use me in a little boy's room!"  

I do have one pair of these blue Ikea Stockholm Blad curtains.

Actually, I have 8 blue panels, but six panels are going in the living room, so I only have two left over.  I have a green/red pair as well, so you would think I could just go buy a new pair and voila, four panels EXCEPT NO, Ikea has DISCONTINUED THEM!!! The bastards.  I swear, when Ikea is going to discontinue things it should be required to notify me directly. (Also! My plan to use two Erslev rugs in the eat-in kitchen is also dashed by Ikea discontinuing that item too!  *shakes fist at the sky*)

The Last but not least, I have these yellowy-greenish citron stripe curtains that I made out of West Elm duvets in my Why Buy Curtains When I Can Kill All The Duvets phase.

Or I may just leave the boys room in a completely undecorated state until after Christmas when I will have the money to do something I actually like. Yes. That sounds like a plan.  


  1. I like the idea of painting a castle. Why don't you print one out and use a projector. That's totally manageable.

    If you aren't loving anything for the boys' room then you should wait. If you don't want to wait, have you looked on eBay for the blad curtains? They'll be pricier than they were at Ike's but they are available. I meant ikea..ha!

  2. I actually like the yellow striped curtains for the boys' room as well as painting a castle on the pink wall. As for the castle, it seems to be repetitions of the same shapes layered on top of each other...a simplified version could be doable. I'd cut some shapes out of colored paper and play around until I got something princess approved...

  3. Yellow and navy would be fabulous fo the boys room. You need something on those windows! If you don't have enough curtain panels--just paint the strip on the wall to match up.

  4. Gah. I meant to type: paint the stripes on the wall to match up.
    Yes, I know, easy for me to say.

  5. I have an off-centered window that drives me nuts. I am looking forward to seeing how your solution turns out.


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