Wednesday, April 10, 2013

sputnik and leather chairs

The sputnik-ish light was installed today in the family room area off the kitchen!

That area had a Tuscan-style wrought iron chandeliers, which I took down and walked down the hall to the dining room.  Apparently when the former owners put up the interrogation lights they somehow cut the power to the dining room chandelier box, so....I have an ugly chandelier that doesn't work.  Add it to the list of things to repair.  (Forgive the blurry phone pictures, I killed my phone this week and am using an older one until my new one show up.)

I also made the Mister go at 10 pm to a trailer park and pick up these (slightly filthy) Chairs of Awesomeness:

They will be going in the eat-in area off the kitchen, at the round dining table soon to be installed under the sputnik.  (The tolix chairs will be in the dining room with the non-working chandelier.)  Best of all the Chairs of Awesomeness were only $40 for all six.  Holla, craigslist!


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