Monday, September 20, 2010

craigslist bamboo dining chairs (second set)

I have finally gotten around to refinishing my the chinoiserie chairs I got off craigslist a few months ago.

Here is one of the chairs in all its dingy yellow glory.  It was a weird paint treatment...not quite glazed, but sort of a yellow wash over white paint....almost like the color something would get if it sat in the home of a smoker for forty years.

Now they are bright shiny white.  I love love love the lines of these chairs.

I also recovered the seats.

My old dining seats were covered in a pretty blue trellis material.  Big mistake.  My three year old singlehandedly trashed the upholstery.  Its pretty disgusting. So, while I would much prefer a pretty fabric on the seat cushions, I went with red vinyl instead.  Its a tough material that can be wiped down and won't stain easily.

This was not an easy material to work with. I've recovered dozens of dining chairs, but this vinyl was so thick that it was very difficult to get good corners on them.  The red vinyl also kind of gives it a bit of chinoiserie meets pizzeria look, but I really wanted a material that would wipe off rather than get destroyed, and vinyl seems to have limited color options.  There was actually some vinyl with crocodile treatment on it, but it was only in a very ugly brown.

You'll note that apparently six chairs is too many for this table.  There's always something.  Take two chairs away? Build my own farmhouse table? Bring back the expensive table and let it get beat up?  Use the ugly, non-paintable matchy-matchy table that came with the chairs?

I had a helper:

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  1. Actually, in that picture it doesn't look too bad with all 6 chairs. Does it look more crowded in person? Am I just so used to things being cluttered I don't even notice it anymore? I do like the pizzeria look though ;-)


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