Friday, September 10, 2010

letters on bins

A while back one of my aunts gave me some cute carved letters with each of the kids first initial.  (Looking at the letters you will obviously see that my kids are not named Greg, Peter and Princess.)  I've been hanging onto them, not quite sure where to put them.  I've not done much in the way of decorating the kids' room, because I want to move the Princess from our room to in with the boys, but that will necessitate rearranging the furniture and then I'm not sure where the art will go...and that was a long-winded explanation for saying "I have these cute letters." 

Around the corner from the front door into the apartment we have a cube full of bins.  Everybody has their own bin, which is a place for gloves, scarves, hats, etc. The Pottery Barn Kids near my house has bins with letters on them, so I thought I'd try affixing the letters to the bins. I just tied a piece of ribbon through the handle of the basket and the hanger on the back of the letter.  And voila! Kiddos know which bin is theirs.

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