Thursday, September 30, 2010

taste test proves Mexican casserole still sucks

My sister sent this email to my family today:

So now that I’m a grownup with more mature tastebuds, I read Lisa’s blog yesterday, and thought…. Hmmm Mexican casserole has potential, if you just eliminated the mayo and maybe added some seasoning to the ground beef – maybe it would be good.  So, I had all the ingredients on hand today, and whipped up an easy peasy Mexican casserole.  I added taco seasoning, jalapeno peppers and garlic to the meat, and used fresh garden tomatoes and peppers in the casserole.  Left out the mayo.  Had some homemade guacamole with it.  We even attempted the full Mexican fiesta by having cold beer with it.  Ummm, yeah, Mexican casserole is still gross.  There is no ‘fixing’ it.  Who knew that bisquick has this ability to suck all flavor out of whatever you put on top of it.  It tasted like bisquick topped with bland ground beef and sour cream.  I’m thinking bisquick just doesn’t belong near anything Mexican.
Now the good news – Dad, there’s half a pan left and it’s got your name all over for it dinner on Saturday – three Mexican casseroles in one year? Two in one week?!  What’s the next step up from a banner year? ;) 


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  1. that's sad, because this version actually sounds pretty tasty!


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