Monday, September 20, 2010

Desk chairs, finally

Ever since I screwed up stripping my old pair of shield back desk chairs, I've been using various chairs from around the house at my desk.  Most recently I've used some mission-ish style chairs that we had from our old table.  I'm not overly excited about them, but they were free.  I wanted red chairs with a pretty fabric, but these chairs had a wooden seat.  My sister suggested putting foam on the wooden seat and making my own seat cushion.  And voila! Red chairs with pretty fabric seat.  I already had the chairs and the fabric and even one can of red spray paint (Krylon's Cherry in high gloss), so the total cost of this makeover was $3.50 for another can of spray paint.

I like that my little buddies can come and sit with me again while I'm at my desk:


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  1. Luv the chairs!
    Enjoyed the visit Sun
    love ya mom


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