Thursday, September 23, 2010

flashback to the 7th grade

This morning I dressed in a long-ish flowy black skirt with a maroon sleeveless top.  I think I look normal and nondescript, kind of mom-ish. I see nothing out of the ordinary in my appearance. 

Greg and I walk to school on a picturesque footpath between neighbhorhoods.  Its a nice walk,it meanders through a small park, and there are usually lots of kids walking to school and commuters headed to the bridge.  

This morning, as we walked through the park, two older ladies out for a brisk morning constitutional cut around us, and both glanced back at me as they cut around. I heard "skirt looks like some kind of jersey material" as they kept going.  They both glanced back again twice as they kept going.  I think they were looking at my skirt? Maybe?

They kept walking, and at the end of the block, crossed the street and turned back, walking towards us but on the opposite side of the block.  They stared at me the whole time.


Whatever. I dropped Greg off at school. No one stared at me. I walked back home the same way I came.

At almost exactly the same spot in the park, I passed a group of four women.  Two of them facing me glanced up, did a "oh!" sort of double-take, then started laughing and giggling, and all of them turned and stared at me as I walked by. There was a flurry of conversation.  Since I don't speak Korean (a major impediment to making friends in this town), I have no idea what they were laughing about.

What the hell? I have snot on my shirt from where Greg used my shirt as a hanky to wipe his tears at school, but other than that I do not see anything out of the ordinary about my appearance.  My hair looks fine, there's no spinach in my teeth, I did not become disfigured between the front door and the park. 

I feel a bit self-conscious.  And I'm thinking of changing my outfit before I go pick Greg up. 


  1. at least they weren't making fun of your knees :-)

  2. is that what you're wearing?..... no reason

  3. I think a picture is in order. I must see this. The only thing I can think is that you needed a slip?!?!


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