Wednesday, August 10, 2011

bamboo blinds and thrift store finds

After digging around in my basement, I found some bamboo blinds in our basement from our previous apartment.  Lo and behold, they fit our master bedroom windows exactly, with not a whisper of room to spare.

I am much happier with the bamboo blinds than the roller shades I ruined.

One of the things I am loving about our new town is all the thrift stores!  I stopped at a thrift store today and found some great stuff.

These matriyoshka dolls are adorable.  Usually you find about five nested dolls inside, but this one has ten.

I love that her little frill in front is silver sequins.

Look at the wee little baby one.  Its smaller than my pinky fingernail.

Princess loved the dolls, but I put them up on top of her dresser for now. Girlfriend has been known to go all "Hulk SMASH" on nesting dolls before.

I also picked up this wooden Asian doll thingy.

She found a home in Princess's room too.

Last but not least, I haggled over this pair of bamboo frames with delightful early eighties bird art, and got the pair for $15.

The bird art will probably find its home in the dumpster, but the frames....well, they are so pretty, I have to find a nice place for them.  Perhaps over our nighttables in the master bedroom?  Also, I have no idea what to put in them.  The eighties bird art may stay until I figure out something different.

Ideas?  What goes with a chiang mai dragon (on the opposite wall) that isn't explicitly Asian themed?

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  1. I cannot get over how amazing those curtains are. They are awesome.

    Is there fruit in that dragon print? I feel like you could frame fruit pictures. How is dragon art going, btw? Fun times?


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