Tuesday, August 9, 2011

greek key or ikat navy blue euro shams?

I've been looking for a navy blue Euro sham for my master bedroom.  I originally bought the coral ones that came with the blanket, but I feel like a navy pattern would bring a little more interest.  I've found two options I really like so far.

First up are these beautiful ikat/zigzag Zuri bedding ones from ZGallerie:

They aren't available yet; the website says available in early September.  But the description says that the Euro shams are zigzag on the front, with ikat on the back, and a zipper closure.  I love both sides and think this would be a great look.

The other sham I have considered is the greek key sham from West Elm:

This one has a slight advantage in that I have a coupon for West Elm and I have a gift certificate, making them nearly free.  But, there are some other things at West Elm I have had my eye on, so I might save the coupon and gift cards for a bigger item.

Decisions! By the time I make up my mind they'll probably be gone.  I dither forever when its for me.


  1. I think both are fabulous, but I really like the West Elm one.

  2. I love Ikats, but this time I'm going with the greek key. Plus you have a coupon:)

  3. Ooh, pretty! I'm usually not a busy bedspread sort of person, but I have a soft spot for navy & white. I like both of these and, all things being equal, might go with the West Elm given the coupon.


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