Tuesday, August 2, 2011

wide stripe curtains in my master bedroom

I posted recently about my love of wide-striped curtains, and my inability to find them in stores, or even the fabric to make them myself.  Elizabeth of Princess Nebraska had a great idea--use the West Elm striped duvet to make the curtains!  What a fantastic idea.

I used two twin duvets to make the curtains.  I ripped the seams apart so I could use both the back and the front pieces for four curtain panels.  The twin duvet measures 86" long by 68" wide, so they are similar to an 84 inch curtain panel, and certainly wide enough.  The 68 inches wide came in handy, as I was so excited to get started I accidentally ripped an eight inch gash into the fabric as I ripped the seams.  One of the curtain panels is a weeee bit less wide than the others.

Because I was a bit on the sloppy side with the first duvet, I had to cut off the ripped portion, and use hemming tape on all sides.  The duvet is rather thin--its really two bedsheets sewn together, so its not upholstery weight.  Because the material is so thin, you can see the hemming tape through the fabric.  I put these in my bedroom, not a high traffic living room. If I were going to put them in a living room I'd probably want to actually sew seams all the way around, and line them as well.  But my bedroom doesn't get direct sunlight so I'm fine with them as they are.

With the second duvet I was much more careful, and slowly ripped the seams.  On this one, I only used hemming tape on the top to create a stiffer hem for the curtain rings to grab.  Otherwise, I simply folded the seam back over and ironed it flat.  It looks good and no one can see it.

I spray painted our existing silver curtain rods white, and spray painted some curtain rings as well.

I'm really happy with the way they turned out.  Its exactly what I wanted and I love the citron, navy and coral together.  


  1. They turned out great and I love your color palette. Your duvet/quilt on the bed is so pretty.

  2. it looks SO AMAZING! I love all of it. Seriously. The headboard! The curtains! The bedspread! It's so pretty! Where is the bed/headboard from?

  3. Wow, you did a fantastic job. The curtains look great and I LOVE the colors!

  4. Great job! Those look amazing!


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