Tuesday, August 23, 2011

earthquakes, that misbegotten curtain tutorial, pictures

So this afternoon at about 2 pm I was putting ingredients in the breadmaker, the kids were sleeping, and the house was quiet.  I put the sugar in the machine, the countertop shimmied, the breadmaker jumped, and it sounded like someone large and heavy got up and walked around in the Princess's room, and I was all WHAT WAS THAT??

I went upstairs, because under no circumstances should someone large and heavy be stomping around in the Princess's room.  But no, Princess was asleep, as was Peter, and no one was upstairs.

Kind of freaked out, I IM-ed my sister.  She said "OMG we just had an earthquake here!"  And I thought she was screwing with me.  But then I googled it and lo and behold there was an earthquake felt all up the East Coast...that would explain it.

I am glad I do not live in California (especially not Sactown, that would make me laugh), because I like the earth to stay still.


I haven't forgotten about the shower curtain tutorial.  Unfortunately, my curtains were the victims of a vicious drive-by yogurting attack, which has rendered them kind of yogurty and not looking their best for pictures. (I took pictures while making them, but not enough, apparently.)

Also, despite the fact that my children have had zero interest in my dining room curtains for the past five years, THESE curtains are fascinating.  Especially fascinating is peeling off the white ribbon that covers where the fabric meets. Repeatedly. Every time I pull out more hemming tape and iron them back on, they pull them off within 24 hours.  I am seriously considering ripping off the lower panel and just using the short curtain, which would render the tutorial pointless, yes?

Short curtains--I'm bringing them back, yo.

How about some pictures?

followed closely by HULK SMASH:

Greg is a talented basketball player. He is really quite good. 

And where were you in the Great Earthquake of 2011?


  1. You East Coasters are so cute with your earthquake phobias. Californians are used to the earth moving but fear things like winter, so I suppose we're even.

    But seriously, glad y'all are ok.

  2. Your kids are cute.

    I need the tutorial because I am planning on adding some fabric to some too short curtains in my kitchen.

    During the earthquake, I was in a conference room in Minneapolis, and there was no movement here.

  3. Greg really does have perfect form on that shot haha. Maybe he'll escape the basketball dread that plagued our family. :-)

  4. Oh, and I forgot to mention. You could just SEW on the ribbon...and they wouldn't be able to peel it off. :-)

  5. I'm from California and I never thought in a million years that I would experience an earthquake on the east coast. No fair, hurricanes, winter, AND earthquakes?

  6. I was putting my little man down for a nap and was very confused by the shaking bed:) Makes me a little worried about what is happening to this world weather-wise the more natural disasters we have- thankfully no one was harmed!


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