Wednesday, August 17, 2011

the master bedroom with the dragon painting, so far

My master bedroom is slowly coming along.

Here it is on moving day:

Here it is for the last few weeks, with stuff of everywhere:

And here it is today, with my chiang mai dragon painting finally finished, new bed, pretty curtains, bamboo blinds up, and navy blue mirror in place.

I am really happy with the navy/coral/citron color combo I've pulled out of the painting, and I think the painting makes it look a bit more pulled together as well.

The room is tiny.  We have a king size bed and there is about 25 inches on either side of the bed to the wall.  There is 18 inches between the end of the bed and the dressers.  I have stubbed my toe many times rounding the corner of the bed.

You might notice I decided not to get that mirror from craigslist and instead used a mirror we already own.  It was in our bedroom at our old apartment, then I painted it orange and put it in the boys' room here.  Since I was looking for a round mirror and knew that one was the right size and it was already in my house, I decided to use it.  I painted it navy blue and I think it works nicely.  That gives me a blank spot over the dressers in the boys' room, but I have some ideas for its replacement.

Things that still need to be done:
* art over the bedside tables
* hack a Rast table for my bedside table
* tray for dresser
* throw pillows
* navy Euro shams

Nearly done!


  1. Wow what a pretty room! I especially love the curtains and the painting. Oh the mirror is fab too. Love!!

  2. Doing some research for my chiang mai project for tomorrow and came across your painting. You did an amazing job.

    really inspiring

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  3. Wow, what a great room! You really brought it to life with your color scheme. So fresh and happy! LOVE those striped curtains. I'm so glad you linked up to Roomspiration today!!

  4. Love your bright cheerful bedding and striped curtains. Glad you linked it up to Roomspiration.


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