Monday, August 22, 2011

painting my kitchen, slowly

I am in the middle of many projects, and obviously based on my lack of posting or pictures, nothing is finished.

I started painting the kitchen.   While technically there is not a ton of wall space in my kitchen, you all know that lots of little walls = lots of cutting in. Blarg.

The walls in my kitchen are a dark hunter green.  I told the previous tenant they did not have to paint the kitchen back to Linen White because I planned on painting the kitchen a dark navy blue.

Invisible Internet Friends, WHY DID YOU NOT SMACK ME AND SAY WHAT ARE YOU THINKING???  Seriously, not one of you said, um, hey, dark blue in a rental you plan to move out of in two years and will have to paint back to Linen White?  Are you SURE that's what you want to do? Invisible Internet Friends kind of fell down on the job there, good buddies.

Well, I have come to my senses and let me tell you I am a bit peeved with you all for not telling me to let the previous tenant paint the kitchen back to Linen White.  Because now *I* am the one painting it back to Linen White.  And I have painted THREE coats of Linen White on one wall and the green STILL shows through.  So the rest of the kitchen necessitates a coat of Killz Primer first, AND a ton of cutting in, and I kind of want to shoot myself.  Because there are three more walls plus another coat on the fourth wall to be done.

I hesitate to blame the previous tenant, but SOME previous tenant painted over wallpaper on at least two walls of the kitchen.  This looks utterly terrible, is bubbling and wrinkling, and the seams are showing. As a rental, however, I'm not fixing it.

Unfortunately this wall is also the wall right next to the stove, so this wall also gets the grease, etc.  I am debating whether I need to learn to live with grease splatters that are much more visible on white paint than dark green or if I need to somehow put some kind of wipeable (yet removable) surface right next to the stove. I'm all ears if you have any ideas on that front.

The previous tenant, however, IS responsible for splattering green paint on every available surface.  Every single cabinet has green smears on it.

Upon moving in, our kitchen had a completely useless eat-in countertop with really high stools.  One thing our kitchen did NOT have, however, was a place to store pots and pans.  No, seriously.  There is not a single cabinet in this kitchen deep enough to store a pot.  Look, see for yourself.

On this wall we have from left to right: tiny drawers, world's tiniest dishwasher, the sink (oh, the grossness under that sink), more tiny drawers, the stove, the door to the basement.  No place to store pots and pans.

Other side of the room, from left to right: a small pantry, the fridge, useless eat-in countertop with all my pots and pans sitting in plastic bins beneath, doorway to the dining room.

If you want the view from the front door, you can see the back door, my garbage can, and the door to the bathroom.

I spoke with the landlord, and while he is not going to improve this kitchen, he's perfectly happy for me to do it.  Normally I am not so into improving other people's property but I cannot live for two years with all of my pots on the floor.

So we are ripping out that eat-in counter and installing a kitchen cabinet.  We bought the cabinet this weekend.

Now we just need for the handyman to come and install it.  And then I have to paint it.

Instead of lots of pots and pans in bins in my kitchen they are now scattered about my dining room.

It will be a while before there is a reveal for this room.

And what have you all been doing with yourselves lately?

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  1. It's remarkable what people who don't intend to live in a house (ie, landlords, house-flippers) forget to include in homes, such as . . . cabinets that house things to cook with, like pots & pans. I'd kinda assumed that was a given. Sorry you have to deal with this yourself, but I can't imagine living with homeless kitchen goods for 2+ years.

    On that note, we live in a 60's ranch house remodel that the house flippers swore they remodeled with the intent to live there. Apparently they intended to live without television or phones, because they equipped the house to deal with neither electronically. Uh-huh. *end rant*


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