Tuesday, October 18, 2011

5, no, EIGHT Things I Am Great At

Yesterday Lawyerish had a post on five things she is great at, and I think that is a fabulous idea. I have been feeling down lately and I could use the pick-me-up, so I too am going to write about five (or more!) things I am great at.  I could only come up with three to begin with, but I took an informal poll (my sister and the Mister) and I got all the way to eight. (Well, even more actually, but I don't think that suggestions like "holding a grudge" are quite what I was looking for.)

1. I am a jack of all trades.  This has actually been a source of much discontent for me over the years---I feel like a jack of all trades, master of none.  I can do a little bit of everything, and I quickly pick up enough to get by on just about any topic. On the other hand, I wouldn't say that I am an expert in anything.  This has led to alot of feeling mediocre in everything I do.

But screw that!  This is a talent!  Lets rephrase, shall we?  I have a vast breadth of knowledge on a variety of topics.  I may not have depth in any field, but I have breadth across a number of fields.  I can quickly assimilate enough knowledge on just about any topic to have a knowledgeable conversation on it.  I can't turn out pleated swags or a haute couture outfit, but I can sew simple pillows and curtains.  I can't replace my transmission, but I can change the oil in my car.  I know a little about a lot.

2. I am persistent.  Most of my life this has been called "stubborn" and "bullheaded" but guess what, persistence pays off.  If I really want something, I keep going where a lot of people would give up. This make me a good advocate for things I believe in.  I would prefer my epitaph to read "bullheaded" than "she did what she was told".

3. I have a talent for telling funny anecdotes.  I am not a writer in the sense that I come up with original stories, but I can take crap that has happened to me and turn it into something funny.

4. I am an awesome big sister/daughter/daughter-in-law/family member.  I credit my asshole ex-boyfriend for this, ironically enough.  His only best redeeming quality was that he placed incredibly high importance on his family.  That impressed me at a time when I was doing everything I could to get as far away from my family as possible. (Ah, the teen years.) (Also, note to early-twenties self: if your boyfriend of eight years says for the eighth year in a row that he cannot visit your family at any point during the month of December and January because you "should spend Christmas with family and loved ones", guess which list you are not on?)

These days I talk to my sisters nearly every day.  I make it a point to see both sets of parents on a frequent basis.  Not only that, I LIKE hanging out with our families.  Which is a good thing since they comprise 90% of our social life.

5. I am an excellent suitcase-packer.  I got this from my mother.  I am not quite as good at as she is (she packed an entire household into five suitcases when we moved to Jamaica in the 80s), but she taught me how to cram as much as possible into a suitcase.

6. I am a good reader. That sounds dumb, doesn't it.  I love to read.  I have lamented that since having children, I rarely have time to read books anymore.  Then I realized that's not true--I may not be reading books anymore, but I follow over 300 blogs.  I have simply shifted the medium in which I am reading.

Little known fact: I am a speed reader.  Not intentionally, really, its just how I have always read.  Diagonally down the page, picking out phrases. This does not work if you need to retain what you are reading.  Then I have to slow down and go through each word. This is probably why I shy away from "literature" and stick to vampire romance novels.

7. I am creative.  I never would have said this about myself a few years ago.  Since becoming interested in design, though, I've discovered new facets to myself.  I enjoy creating things, be it painting furniture or decorating rooms.  I wish that I had known this about myself earlier, I think I would have taken a different career track in my twenties.

8. I am not a great cook, nor do I enjoy cooking, but I make a few things really well.  I kick ass at making chocolate chip cookies, Italian lemon cake and pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes.

Quick, tell me one thing you are great at. 


  1. ooh, this reminded me that I am also a great suitcase packer! I am also excellent at packing a car and organizing things in the fridge.

  2. Great post - in fact, you can add "fantastic blogger" to your list.

    How cool that your family moved to Jamaica in the 80s. That's not one you hear everyday! ;)

  3. I am great at reading. I read super fast, and it's not speed reading. Actual reading and retaining stuff. I'm a freak. :-)

  4. What a cool post idea - and no wonder I think you're neat, since these are qualities I tend to value in people. That goes especially for suitcase packing, which I am awful at, but my husband excels in.

  5. What a great idea. I forget to give myself a break sometimes and focus on the positive.


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