Saturday, October 29, 2011

weekend edition: snow, my new AARP card

I hate snow.  We are starting this party a little early this year, yes?  Its only October, we usually don't get snow till well into December.  Today we are forecasted to get 6 inches.

I have lived in New Jersey since I was seven years old, and I consider myself a (south) Jersey girl. As much as I love New Jersey, though, I can't say that I am all that fond of the weather.  In fact, as I get older, I find that I like the weather less and less.  We have a few months of hot, muggy summer bookended by about two weeks of pleasant fall/spring weather, and then months of raw, windy, cold, snowy, unpleasant winter.  But I never wish to move to a more pleasant clime.  I always wish that New Jersey had better weather.

Exciting fact: we own four adult snow shovels and three children's snow shovels. It appears that we left every last one of them in my mother in law's garage when we moved.

My AARP card just showed up in the mail. I certainly would like to enjoy all the benefits that the AARP card will get me in my golden years, so I'll just tuck that away in a safe spot, shall I, since I don't turn fifty for ANOTHER THIRTEEN YEARS.

I remember when my mother got her AARP card.  She was thrilled.  She whips that bad boy out on every possible occasion, demanding her senior discount.  My father, on the other hand, stood at the kitchen counter and ripped his up into tiny pieces, aggrieved pride winning out over 10% off the early bird dinner special.

I think I side with my father on this one.


  1. I can't believe you have snow already. Is that a little early for New Jersey?

  2. Um, so I ALSO got my AARP card in the mail last week. And a friend of mine (my age) got HIS a few weeks ago. Me thinks AARP needs a new computer system that does a better job of weeding out the eligible members. :-)

  3. I am happy to learn that my mother isn't the only one who shamelessly asks for her senior discount at every place we go!

  4. AARP sent me a membership card when I was 17 or 18. =)

  5. I side with your father too. I got the first one from AARP at 50 and was highly insulted--pissed off actually. Have never "joined" but at least now I fit into the category. Love keeping up with you and babies on your blog.


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