Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thanks to a couple of muscle relaxers, tons of advil, and a really painful deep tissue massage I am feeling a bit better.  I can turn my neck, at least.  I have high hopes to actually do a diy project today.  I'd like to finally finish the china cabinet.  We'll see how it goes.


I haven't picked up the camera much lately, thus the lack of pictures of the kids. I did manage to take a few of the kids coloring and carving pumpkins this weekend, and Nonno took some pics of Grandma reading scary stories to the kids on the porch in the dark with a flashlight.  Greg is not a fan of scary stories and steadfastly refused to go out on the porch.  He's gotten really annoyed at Peter and Tess for repeating parts of the story during the day. "No! Don't say that scary stuff! Stop it!"

Painting and carving pumpkins:

Princess on the stairs:

Everyone now has their choice of at least TWO Halloween costumes.  Princess will either be a ballerina or a ladybug; Peter will be a black Spiderman (Venom?), or Optimus Prime, OR Darth Vader, and Greg will be Spiderman.  Note that all the Spidermans and Optimus Primes have large muscles sewn into the costumes, which seems to be very important to Greg lately.  He is forever talking about eating protein so his muscles can grow big and strong, and he and Peter flex their muscles and make grunting noises at each other.  They are 6 and 4, where on earth are they hearing this stuff??

Off to work on the china cabinet before class tonight.


  1. The scary stories on the porch looks like so much fun!!!

  2. I love scary stories as well. And, I love the look on princess's face when she's sitting on the stairs with those pouty lips. Too cute.


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