Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Ugly Sofa Series

I've been thinking of starting an Ugly Sofa series.  Most of us have started off with an Ugly Sofa hand-me-down, or are living with the Purple Beast until the time is right to get a new one. But that doesn't mean you have to have an ugly room.  

I will make up a moodboard around an ugly sofa.  The main part will have a budget of $500 and will always include one pair of curtains, two pillows, and a 5 x 7 (or larger) rug.

I'll also include $500 of other stuff I'd like to put in, for a $1000 total. Beautifully furnishing an entire room completely from scratch is a wee bit more than $500 and won't be done in 24 hours unless you are a magician.  Also, keep in mind that the total would probably come to a wee bit over $1000, as my board is not taking into account shipping fees, taxes, paint, etc.

So! I present to you the first Ugly Sofa board.  This Ugly Sofa comes to you courtesy of my local craigslist.  Yes, somebody wants you to PAY THEM $75 for this sofa.

Rug, curtains, pillows: ($272)
1) 2 Hudson quatrefoil embroidered panels: $34
2) gold sequin pillow $38
3) 2 black pillows $20
4) cable pattern Flor tiles (5x7) $180

Other stuff: ($728)
5) Storsele chair: $119
6) arc lamp: $50 craigslist (this is a crazy steal on my local craigslist, these lamps go for alot more)
7) This Golden Nugget photo has a great 70s vibe, but I would take a picture of your local cityscape or downtown in black and white, blow it up large at PosterBrain and put it in an Ikea Ribba frame, all for less than $50.
8) 2 Ikea Rast dressers all Dorothy Drapered up: $70 (plus paint and hardware)
9) West Elm carved wooden coffee table $299
10) ZGallerie Brilliant Plaque $140

Seen a hideous sofa lately? Send it my way.  I am happy to take submissions for Ugly Sofas.


  1. I still kind of like that sofa in an ugly kind of way :-)

  2. Oooh fun! Going to find ugly sofas now :)

  3. What a fun concept! And I have to say, your design board actually makes that ugly sofa look good!


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