Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Caitlin Wilson fabrics

Ok, I know, everyone is talking about these Caitlin Wilson fabrics today, but seriously, they are gorgeous, and at a reasonable price point for fancy fabrics.  I am currently pricing out my chiang mai dragon pillows, which are, ahem, NOT reasonably priced anywhere. So I am appreciate of a beautiful pillow at a reasonable price. I think that these pillows will find their way onto an Ugly Sofa moodboard soon.

Fleur Chinoise I

Fleur Chinoise II

Fleur Chinoise III

Fleur Chinoise IV

The pink and navy makes me want to design a little girl's room, and the coral ones belong in my bedroom.


  1. Wow I love these fabrics. I am so feeling navy these days.

  2. I just saw this line today, and I'm very much in love. I love the clean lines. It's so beautiful!


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