Friday, October 28, 2011

Ugly Sofa 3 : Hunter plaid

In the third installment of the Ugly Sofa Series, we have a fabulous hunter-ish green and navy plaid sofa.  There might be some lilac in there too, but I chose to ignore it.

Right, so, as usual, $1000 total budget, less than $500 of which must be spent on a 5x7 rug, one set of curtains and two pillows.

Hunter plaid calls for horses, doesn't it?

Rug, curtains and pillows: $489

Blue curtains: $40
Rug: $399
Dwell studio trellis pillow: $35
horse pillow: $15

Other accessories: $518
This horse picture is named "Bad Girls", which makes me giggle. $30
Convex federal mirror: $20 bid at the time I was making this moodboard
CL green leather chair: $50
Wall mount duck hook: $30 I should just buy this duck for myself, I've wanted it for months.
Floor lamp: $119
Coffee table: $269

Total: $1007 (I ran a wee bit over.  Good thing its my blog.)

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  1. You'd hardly know this is an ugly sofa after the pretty prep treatment you've given it here. Well played!


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