Wednesday, October 12, 2011

anniversary presents (one good,

The third floor attic of our home is carpeted in an ugly green shag.  There is a little room off the main playroom, about 8 x 8, that we have turned into the Mister's closet and office.  There has not been much decorating in that room; in fact, its still not entirely unpacked.

Since the space is solely the Mister's, and the carpet is a hideous green, and I will never ever willingly get wall-to-wall shag green carpet in any other home we own, nor will I ever willingly decorate any space that I occupy with a sports theme, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to indulge the Mister's love of the New York Jets football team, whose colors are fortuitously green and white.  

I bought some Jets-themed fabric and made simple cafe curtains for the window.  

I also bought a Fathead Jets wall decal, which is basically the world's most expensive sticker.  HUGE MISTAKE.  Learn from my mistakes, people.  Putting up a giant decal, especially on a slanted gable, requires two people.  The wall decal is like extremely sticky saran wrap that will wrinkle in on itself at the every opportunity.  Think of contact paper, but 100 times more annoying.

This happened.

I was beside myself with rage by the time I put this stinking thing up by myself, FIVE TIMES.  Five times of trying to make it even.

 It is STILL crooked.  The lower half has wrinkles and rips in it from where it glommed onto itself.  Like contact paper, it bubbles in the middle.  

 At one point I thought that it was completely unusable because I could not get it unwrapped from itself.  Yay, Lisa, for wasting $90 plus shipping on a freaking STICKER that is a POS.  Luckily my children were napping while I was cursing incoherently.  

I can guarantee I will never ever buy another one of these pieces of sports-themed idiocy.  

The Mister, on the other hand, bought me a lovely present.  (As usual.  He is a much better gift-giver than I am. Remember the time I gave him a belt and he gave me a sofa?) Isn't the yellow a happy color for a rainy day?  


  1. The room looks good in the pictures (well, at least as good as a room CAN look with Jets stuff all over it :-P). Also, yes, those are awesome rain boots.

  2. I think the present you gave him is great, especially considering how much freaking work it took you!

    I love the boots!

  3. You are a far, far better wife than I'll ever be - what a gift. My husband would love such a Man Cave (though NY Giants themed), but he's limited to one autographed helmet on display at our current abode.

    Also, brightly colored Hunters make me happy - well played to your Mister!

  4. Love it!!! That's really fun!!!


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