Tuesday, October 4, 2011

not the right duvet

After mocking up a bunch of duvet moodboards, I decided to buy the navy blue duvet with the Greek key euro shams.  I drove an hour to the nearest West Elm to buy them.  When I got there....womp womp womp....no Euro shams.  Only the Greek key duvet.  Ok! I will take the Greek key duvet.

No. I don't like it.  Way too much pattern for me.

I wrapped the duvet around my pillows to pretend they were the shams.  That looks much better, doesn't it?

West Elm has a store credit card. While using the store credit card doesn't get you any big amount off, it does earn you $25 "Design Dollars" for every $250 you spend, and you get a bunch of Design Dollars for opening the card itself. Since we bought a bed and other stuff earlier this year, I've earned $75 Design Dollars that I had planned on spending on the Greek key shams.

HOWEVER.  Your Design Dollars must be spent ALL AT THE SAME TIME.  So, if you have $200 Design Dollars and want to buy a $5 trinket, you can't, unless you don't mind losing the other $195 Design Dollars.  Also, if you buy something with your Design Dollars and then decide it doesn't work in your room, the item is unreturnable for Design Dollars or store credit.  You could give it back to the store, but you will then be less your item and your Design Dollars.

So....I wasn't sure about the duvet, and knowing I couldn't return it, I bought it with real money instead of my Design Dollars, which expire soon, btw.  Now I have to drive an hour back there to return the duvet.

Or I could keep the duvet--its a lot of material and would make nice curtains for a room I don't have at the moment, wouldn't it?

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