Monday, October 10, 2011

weekend in Philly

This weekend, the Mister and I had a lovely trip to Philadelphia for our 8th wedding anniversary. We stayed at the Omni Hotel across from Independence Hall and the Occupy Wall Street protests.  Neither of us had been to Independence Hall since grade school, but unfortunately tickets were sold out for the day by the time we got there.  We tried to see the Liberty Bell, but the line was too long.  So we headed further up the mall to the Constitution Center, which was a lot of fun (we like historical stuff like that).

In keeping with eight years of tradition, we did not take pictures of anything we did, except for one self-portrait. Our life together is not exactly well-documented. Here is a picture of the Mister and I (me?) and my fourteen chins in front of the Constitution Center.

We had the most fabulous dinner at Union Trust, a steakhouse close to our hotel.  I had filet mignon with black truffle butter AND foie gras (and octopus salad and bitter greens with egg and pork belly, and some fresh pretzels with mustard), because I am over the top like that.  The restaurant is in a converted old-fashioned bank and is so architecturally interesting, with gorgeous millwork on the ceilings, painted a deep purple and gold.  Its a beautiful space and a delicious menu; I highly recommend.

On Sunday morning we met some friends for a really disappointing meal at XIX, on the 19th floor of the Bellevue hotel.  We have been going to this restaurant for a few years; in the past it had an amazing brunch, and its in a gorgeous space on top of the hotel.

Unfortunately they have made changes to their awesome brunch and it is no longer so awesome.  The food was not good.  The desserts were still pretty good, but I don't think we'll be going back anymore, especially for the price.  However, even though the food was disappointing, we still had a good time hanging out with our friends, so it wasn't a total loss.

Going back where we used to live has made me so homesick. I am almost at the point where I don't want to visit south Jersey because it just highlights how much I don't want to be in northern NJ.  I would move back there in a heartbeat but there is very little work in the Mister's field there, so its unlikely anytime soon.

Debbie Downer alert!  You know, sometimes I struggle with writing on this blog--is it a decor blog, a personal journal, a mommy blog, all of the above?  Does anyone want to read about my homesickness, and should I even be sharing this?  In any event, as much as I miss living in south Jersey, I love my husband more blah blah blah and I am lucky to have such first world problems.

To end this on a more positive note, it was nice to actually spend time with the Mister.  He has been working crazy hours for the past few months, and we haven't seen each other much.  Just relaxing with each other reminded me why I married this awesome guy, and it was a treat to spend so much uninterrupted time with him.

Our anniversary is tomorrow and I have a fun present for the Mister that I hope to have finished by the end of the week (timely, yes!).  I'll share when its done.

Do anything fun this weekend?


  1. You don't have to apologize for sharing that there are things about your life that aren't the best. Everyone has complaints!

    I'm glad you had a fun weekend. Happy belated anniversary!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend. The restaurant in the bank looks amazing! I like when bloggers share personal issues/struggles. Sometimes everything in the blog world can seem a little too perfect. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has down days or feels sad sometimes. I wish I lived closer to my family too, but it's just not an option right now.

  3. Happy Anniversary to you both! For what its worth- I enjoy reading all of your various themed posts- so keep putting them out there!
    It is SO nice to getaway just you and your spouse very once ina while- glad you could make it happen!

  4. I am fascinated by everything you write. And you know I think it adds a lot to know that your house/location/current situation is not your favorite, but you're doing what you can to make the best of it. I think we're all just trying to do that anyway, especially now. I'd love to move to a bigger house or a fancier house or god knows what but instead we're just here hanging out doing what we can to make it work, you know? Nice to know we're in the same boat, somehow.


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