Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gluing fabric to inside of a glass china cabinet

This is probably the easiest project ever.  I wanted to cover up the glass panes in my china cabinet so no one could see the giant mess inside.  Two yards of fabric later I was done.

You will need a pretty fabric, spray adhesive, and a pair of scissors.  That's about it.  I've also heard that you can use starch, but I apparently did something wrong, because I tried starch and it didn't stick all that well.  I just moved on to spray glue, which worked just fine, and will come off the glass with a little windex and elbow grease.

1. Iron your fabric to get all the wrinkles out.

2. I made a paper template by putting a piece of paper inside the pane and tracing the edges.

3. I used the template to cut out each piece of fabric.  If using a geometric pattern, you have to make sure that the pattern on each piece is going the same direction.  If you use a floral pattern, like Elizabeth did, this would not be an issue. If I had used a floral I probably could have gotten away with using only a yard, but in order to keep the pattern going the same direction I needed two yards.

4. Take one fabric piece outside, spray the front (patterned) side with adhesive, bring it back inside.  Note that you are spraying the front side of the fabric because that's the side that is going up against the inside of the glass in the china cabinet.

You'll want to spray the glue outside, as it stinks.  Do one piece at a time, because the glue will start to dry if you do a bunch of pieces and then bring them in.  Its also really sticky (duh) and its hard enough to carry one piece so that it doesn't curl over on itself.  For me this meant a lot of running in and out of the back door.

5. Line up the front gluey edge of the fabric with the pane of glass and adhere to the glass. Its sort of like putting down contact paper; once you line up the edges, smooth the edges outward from the center until it lays flat.

6. Repeat until all the glass is covered.

7. Enjoy the fact that no one can see the mess in you china cabinet now.


  1. LOVE this idea- so clever and such a huge impact!!!

  2. Hi! Love how you described the process of getting the fabric just right!!! I mentioned you/your link as one of the best I've seen. Hope you get some clicks! Howled at your blog. Very fun. xo Ann & your cabinet looks FAB!


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