Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ugly Sofa 2: Pink, Peach and Purple Cabbage Roses

In the second installment of the Ugly Sofa Series, I picked a super-awesome pink, peach and purple cabbage rose sofa off Craigslist.  The budget is $1000, with the restriction that 1 pair of curtains, a 5x7 rug and 2 pillows be purchased for under $500, and the remainder used for anything else I feel like putting in the room.

This dated floral was tough.  I started and discarded a bunch of options before settling on this one.  I also made some expensive choices, so I had to turn to Craigslist to get reasonably priced furnishings for the rest of the room.  But--I chose items that are frequently on my local Craigslist all the time, so you would probably be able to find similar items for similar prices in your area too.

One of the difficult things about working with sofas off Craigslist is that they are rarely photographed head-on in a crisp, clear fashion by professional photographers.  Here's a close-up of the floral material, since the main photo is a little blurry. I am not ashamed to admit that in 1992 I had a romantic puffy pirate-type shirt in that exact pattern.
And here is the board:

Curtains, rug and pillows ($291)
1) Merete 1 pair purple curtains $30
2) Argonne trellis rug: $199 This rug worries me slightly in that it is in the "red" section of Home Decorator rugs, but I think it looks like a nice deep pink rose.  Lets all believe its pink.
3) pair pink fretwork lattic pillows: $30
4) pair meadow green fretwork pillows: $32

Other accessories: ($688.50)
5) Craigslist Green velvet bergere chair: $225
6) Songe mirror: $99 Spray paint this gold and you have a credible Louis Phillipe knockoff.
7) Bamboo coffee table, side table and etagere: $65.  Spray paint the coffee table and side table gold or emerald green, and the etagere a nice deep plum.  (I blew a large chunk of the budget on that lovely bergere chair, so Craigslist to the rescue for 3 pieces of furniture under $75.)
8) Gold LOVE print $35
9) Ikea Ribba frame: $15
10) gold sunburst mirror: $59
11) green glass horses: $40.50
12) pair Italian tole lamps with crystal prisms: $120, buy two cheap shades and harps at Target, $30

total: $979.50  I have $20 left over, but I don't think I could fit another item on that board.

If you've come across an ugly sofa (or have one yourself), send it my way.


  1. You worked it out girl! This is such a fun idea!

  2. I'm sorry. I got stuck on you admitting you had a shirt like this...

  3. You came across some great CL finds -- the chair and those tables are awesome!


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