Thursday, October 20, 2011

finished the painted china cabinet

I finally finished the china cabinet in the dining room.

Remember what it looked like before?

I actually kind of liked the electric green, but it didn't go with the curtains, and I bought it with the intention of painting it anyways.  Its painted Gossamer Blue, just like the back door in the kitchen and the backs of the bookshelves in the living room.

I wanted to replace the glass in the doors with mirrors, but I called EVERY single glass and mirror store in the phone book, and NO ONE would do it.  Bizarre. I know of a place to get it done where we used to live, but I haven't been able to get over there during business hours.  So for now I went with putting fabric on the back of the glass.

The fabric I used is a light brown with a pale blue trellis pattern.  The pale blue is close in color to the Gossamer Blue paint on the cabinet, and it works with the suzani-type curtains.  I can't find the fabric online, but I got it at JoAnn Fabrics.

I'm positive the hardware is brass, and I scrubbed it with Brasso, but it was impervious to being cleaned. For now I've decided to just leave it alone.

Best of all, you can't see the mess behind those doors.

Next project, organizing all the stuff that is going to live in this cabinet.  Have you been following along with Pancakes and French Fries 31 Days of William Morris series?  I have found it really enjoyable and inspiring and am thinking of doing something similar when class is over and I have some more free time.


  1. That looks great. I think the mirrors would be nice but that is gorgeous fabric.

  2. Love the fabric and how it softens the piece, and best of all, hides the mess. Awesome!

  3. I still can't believe you got that off of Craigslist. So jealous. The color looks amazing and I actually really like the fabric with it. Great job!

    I have also been reading Jules's posts. She's one of my best friends from High School and is doing an amazing job. I can't imagine doing a project a day like that. I'm way too lazy.

  4. Tiff-what a small world that you are good friends with Jules. I love her blog.

  5. It looks great! I love the fabric!


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