Thursday, October 6, 2011

school and robots, I'm a Giant

I've been driving into NYC for my design class at Parsons.  I do not mind driving into NYC. I can't say I like it, but driving in lots of traffic doesn't bother me.  What does give me agita, however, is ALL THE PEOPLE.  There are SO MANY PEOPLE in NYC.  Like, eight gazillion of them.  And they are all crossing the street at the same time.  The most nerve-wracking part of the trip is turning onto 14th St, going one block, and turning onto 5th Ave, because 900 people all reading their phones will cross while I keep inching forward, hoping to make the turn before the light changes again and not hit anyone.  Gives me a heart attack every time.

On days I have class, I leave home around 4 pm, and get into the city and park around 5. I walk down the block to Chipotle and have a salad. I usually read some blogs on my phone.  Its lovely. When I'm done I walk back up the block to the bank to get cash for the parking deck.

On Monday, I came around the corner, and coming out of a shoe store, was a woman in a leather robot suit.  I did not get a picture, sadly.  It was quite an attractive, tight-fitting leather robot suit--navy blue and red, had some designs on it, one of which was the Union Jack.  It was sort of like a storm trooper type outfit, made from leather pieces, affixed to a tight shirt and pants underneath.  She was wearing high heels and had a brief case.  She was also wearing a face-obscuring leather helmet that covered the top of her head down to her nose, with a slit for the eyes, leaving her chin uncovered.

No one looked twice at this woman.  I assure you, in my hometown, people would have looked twice, pointed fingers, and made loud commentary.  But this is NYC and people seem to embrace weirdness.

Flash forward to Wednesday. Same block, about 100 feet further up.  I see this:

Upon seeing the second robot, my thought was "is there some class at Parsons with an assignment that makes the students dress up like robots and go about their day?"  Because I feel like seeing two robots in three days on the same block seems like more than coincidence.

You might have seen the I'm A Giant! challenge going around blogland.  The challenge is to decorate a dollhouse in a fabulous manner.  The only problem is that wooden dollhouse are a gazillion dollars. Uh, no.  Luckily, my mom hasn't thrown out anything since 1960 and still had my old dollhouse from when I was a kid.

I had to laugh when my father brought it out of the car.  This dollhouse is the epitome of the houses we have looked at buying in northern NJ--dilapidated, hasn't been updated or cleaned since 1980, complete with prison-type toilet, lacking stairs and a fourth wall....well, no, we will probably find a real house with a fourth wall, but otherwise, yeah, looks the same.

I won't have the time to decorate an entire dollhouse by December, but I hope to do one room. Which room should I do? I am thinking of ordering some wallpaper samples (this one or this one) from Anthropologie as a starting point.

Bri at Me, You and a Wiener has gone all Kelly Wearstler on her dollhouse--check out this amazing furniture she created from Nerf gun darts.  Cuh-razy talented.

Are any of you doing the dollhouse challenge?


  1. Even though I only lived in NJ for a few years, I have it engrained in me to not even look at weirdos.

    I do want to do the doll house thing, but I already have so many half-finished projects that I can't really start a new one.

    My MIL did buy a cool dollhouse, which is allegedly for Ree, but MIL won't let any of the kids touch it. Maybe she is secretly doing this challenge!

  2. Fun! I'm sure you will make it fab, even with the prison toilet!


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