Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Year in house projects

I started this blog in June to keep in touch with my sisters, so they could see my babies and the stuff I've been working on in the house.  Here are some of the things I did this year in my house (and my mother in law's house):

My bedroom (see the before here):

before and after of the bathroom:

the foyer

which now looks like this

The hallway:

my desk area where I blog:

The chairs for my desk:

The dining room (also seen here):

A before and after of the dining room bookshelves (they don't look like this anymore)

the dining room art wall

Dining room chairs, first time here and second time here

the TV wall in the living room:

In my mother in law's house I worked on

the foyer

the living room (see the living room and dining room before post here)

the dining room (I should update this, we've done more stuff!)

I also did a bathroom and a kitchen makeover in my mother in law's house, but it was before I started the blog and I didn't take any before pictures.  :-(


  1. Your house is so stylish - I love all the color and pattern - especially your foyer and bedroom. Gorgeous!

  2. Everything looks so great :-)


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