Saturday, January 1, 2011

fun Christmas gifts

I am running way behind on many topics, so little time.  Its New Years already and I'm still doing Christmas stuff.

My sister knitted some awesome stuff this year!  I got a lovely, oh-so-soft scarf and hat this year.

She also knitted the cutest sock monkey for the Princess:

My uncle Mark gives interesting presents.  Some are awesome.  Some are rubber chickens.

Here's one of my favorites from Christmas about 10 years ago. Its a birdhouse made from shards of oriental pottery:

This year, he handed me a wrapped package and said "Here's your next decorating challenge."

He also gave Peter a decorating challenge.

Princess got a very cool box:

When he gave Greg his present, it was with the instructions of "whenever you want your mom to do something for you, hit this."

Its a large (incredibly loud) bell that sounds like a gong being run.  Greg thinks its hysterical to ring it and yell MOM DO STUFF FOR ME.

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  1. I love your blog. I found it fairly recently, so I am enjoying going back and reading from the beginning. Love the turtle bell; hope it survived somewhere in the bottom of a big box. I've collected turtle items since 1965. Yes, I'm old, and my Greg, Peter and Princess are grown. I remember the fun years, although it didn't always feel like fun at the time! Thanks for keeping it real.
    Blogless Peggy,


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