Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years resolutions

Resolutions, for me, always seem doomed to failure.  Maybe putting them out there this year will shame me into following them?  

Probably not.

I decided that this would be the year that I start using a fancy schmancy financial budgeting product like Quicken instead of my little excel spreadsheets.  Unfortunately I am already falling down on the job, because I can't seem to get it set up right. The register shows $2343 more in my account than my bank actually has. Math-y things are not my forte and are frequently my downfall.  Working on that.

Dieting! I hate dieting and rarely do it.  I don't like anyone telling me what to do, not even myself.  Its like I say "I'm going on a diet."  And my self says "oh hell no you ain't.  Gimme that cookie."  I lost 30 lbs last year, but gained back 15.  I joined Weight Watchers a few days ago.  I've discovered that I eat wayyyy more cookies than I should.  Although honestly I already knew that.  So this resolution is eat less cookies.  

Patience.  One of my regrets for last year is that I feel I spend way too much time yelling.  Loudly.  Which doesn't accomplish much.  Its not a deterrent to bad behavior.  So, less yelling, more patience.  

Learn to use my fancy camera. I love taking pictures of the kids, but using the manual settings gives me blurry pictures.  When I use the auto settings it gives me crisp, clear pictures but the color is terrible and washed out.  I'm taking an online class and I'm already a few chapters behind, but I'm doing it.  I seem to have a mental block on f-stops and aperture. 

I'd like to be employed outside the home by the end of 2011.  Or sooner.  In some gainful capacity.  Talking to adults would be a nice component of the new job.  

Five things to work on this year. Wouldn't want to set the bar too high.  

I bet the cookies are the first to fall. 

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  1. This post is cracking me up! I threw my hands up this year and made 0 resolutions. :)


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