Monday, January 24, 2011

hey, remember those sofas?

A few days ago I posted about the sofas I am dreaming of getting. (I will keep dreaming.)  Today Traci at the blog Traci Zeller Designs posted about sofas she likes for families with young kids---the tight-backed sofa.  As in, NO BACK CUSHIONS.  

Why yes, yes indeed, I think I would like one of those sofas.  Because of this:

and this:

I am indeed interested in a sofa that cuts down on the time I spend cleaning up.  Who thought I'd ever type that sentence.  

Here's an example she posted--the Loring sofa from Room and Board:

See here for the full post.  

In a Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon coincidence, Traci is a sorority sister of one of my childhood friends.  I've never met or spoken to Traci, but after reading her blog for a few months I noticed her posting on my friend Krissie's Facebook page.  Small world, eh?  


  1. We have that same problem, except it's my husband who drives me crazy with the sofa cushions all over the place. I always tell him he'll be lucky if our next couch even has cushions!

  2. I salivate over Room and board's sofas. Love them all. My new Rowe sofa has no back cushions, either. It is so nice!

  3. UGH. I spend WAY too many hours picking up sofa cushions and fluffing them. I hear ya!

  4. Hi Lisa! I found your blog through Amanda's post. I have to say, this post cracked me up, especially the second photo. We don't have kids yet, but between my husband and myself, we have pretty much disfigured the pillows on our couch because it's so dang comfy and I don't spend the time "refluffing" as I should. Yup, I like the idea about the pillow-less couch!


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