Monday, January 3, 2011

Projects I'd like to tackle in 2011

So much to do! Here are some of the bigger projects I'd like to tackle this year.

1) We'll start with the one that will probably not get done.  I REALLY REALLY REALLY want a new sofa.  I hate this thing.  Unlikely to happen.

2) I'd like a new dining table.  Last year we bought a table off craigslist.  It serves its purpose, but it wobbles.  And its not big enough to fit six chairs around.  The new table should be a dark wood, inexpensive, and able to fit six chairs around, and not wobbly.

I actually HAVE a table that fits 3 of those 4 requirements--my fancy dining table currently residing in parts in my closet and my garage is dark wood and fits 8 chairs and is not wobbly.  But it was ridiculously expensive, and one of my dumber purchases.  Its beautiful and I love it....but the finish is really fragile, nicks at the slightest provocation, and I have 3 kids under 5. When we were using it I had it wrapped in a grandma-style elasticized oilcloth tablecloth.

That's sexy. (You can see a post about my previous dining tables here.) The Mister is also not a fan of bringing it out of retirement and ruining it.

Although "rustic" isn't really my style, I've been stalking craigslist for a longer, more rustic style farmhouse table that can be beat up without reservation.  I have yet to find one that meets all of my requirements.

Thoughts?  Its a dilema I find myself having a lot these days....use the pretty stuff, since I own it and life is short, or preserve it till the kids are out of the house? The odds of us buying a house with a formal dining room and a separate eat-in kitchen are low.

3) The second bathroom is high on my list.

4) The boys room, soon to be the boys and girl room.  I did not do much in that room originally because I planned to move the Princess in there with the boys and wasn't sure what the furniture arrangement would be...17 months later I'm finally getting around to moving her in there. Right now its got a Romanian orphanage vibe going on.

5) The laundry area in the basement needs some love.

6) I'd like to get a cleaner look for my bulletin board by the desk. Its crammed full of school stuff, baby announcements, design stuff and everything else that walks by.  I'm thinking of separate boards for separate topics.

7) The play area in the basement needs to be rearranged.  Its difficult to watch tv or use the treadmill the way it is set up now.


  1. We've lived in our house nearly 11 years and I hate to say there's still rooms that look like they did when we moved in, with paint on the walls I've hated since before we signed papers for this place. This year, I'd love to clean out and settle in, once and for all. I need the inspiration in 2011!


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