Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lamps from Homegoods

Today Cassie over at Hi Sugarplum! did a post on her new lamps from Homegoods, and so of course that made me think I should do a post on all my lamps from Homegoods.  Of which there are legion.

These two are without a home.

I bought them a few months ago because I love orange, and the lamp shades are pretty, except I have nowhere to put them, and then I decided to take them back because I don't have a great place to store unused lamps, except I lost the receipt.  So! They currently live in the basement.  But this post inspired me to bring them up and put them in the boys room.  Which is either inspired or deranged, considering the rough and tumble atmosphere in there.

I bought these lucite ball lamps at a Marshalls in Georgia, when I got my very first teaching gig.

 I didn't have a spot for them in our last house, so we packed them up for a bit and stored them in my mother in law's garage, and every few months she would have a garage sale, and people would wander into the garage and say "what great lamps!" Luckily we moved up here and rescued my lamps from the garage.  

These lamps might be favorite in the whole world, except for the fact that the left one doesn't work in that spot.  It works in every other electrical outlet in the house.  But not that one.  I actually went to Target to buy new lamps for my desk, because I like my desk well-lit...and every other lamp doesn't work in that outlet either, so I returned them.  Le sigh.

The yellow lamp in my foyer was also from that same trip to Georgia.  It originally came with a plain white shade, which I recovered.

My favorite nook has a Homegoods lamp:

My mother in law also has some lamps from Homegoods.  In the foyer are these brass lamps that I LOVE.  I would have bought them for my desk, but they are too tall to fit under the eave.

She also bought a lovely chinoiserie style lamp for her living room:

So I guess the thing to take away from this post is Homegoods has awesome lamps.

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  1. So, I'm amused that the light worked in every other outlet, but you still assumed it was a problem with the light and not the outlet? Does anything work in that outlet?


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