Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I have been wanting a new sofa for about 4 years now.  Two years ago in a weak moment the Mister consented to possibly buying a new leather sectional, but at the time I wanted a new dining table that we don't use now because it is just too nice and thus hiding in my garage, and we were going through a potty training period where someone was peeing on my sofa on a daily basis, and thus I decided a new sofa was better put off for a while, and I lost my window of opportunity, so I am sitting on an old, holey, gross, ugly sofa, and will be for some time.

I have PLENTY OF TIME to shop for a new sofa, since we won't be buying one. Here are some of the sofas I am contemplating.

The Petrie sofa from Crate and Barrel. I have been sofa shopping for quite a while, and this has been tops on my list.  Sadly, the stock color used to be white or chocolate brown, but now the stock color is a charcoal gray, which I am eh about.  So ordering this sofa in a color I like is 14 weeks plus shipping blah blah, which kind of takes it down a notch.  You can find this sofa fairly frequently on craigslist here, but always in white, which, hell no I have three kids.

The Murray from Room and Board.  I like the clean, sleek lines of this one. Its also quite comfy, at half the price of the other sofas I am looking at. (Edit: weirdly, on my blog the Room and Board sofa pictures show up, but in Google Reader they don't.  I cannot figure out how to fix this.)

The Clarke from Room and Board. Interesting shape, no?  I am concerned that I will not like the long seat cushion, for no reason I can pinpoint.

I'm also slightly obsessed lately with beat up old leather chesterfields. Where does one find a beat up leather chesterfield with lots of character but lacking bedbugs?
image via Tracy Zeller Designs

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  1. I'm obsessed with the same sofas! I also wonder about the Clarke sofa's long cushion, and the slanted arms - would I think that was weird after awhile? And the chesterfields are just too divine - and all the ones I see are like 9 zillion dollars. Although, have you checked out Worth a look.


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