Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Exercising, blah.

I have joined Weight Watchers for the third time. I am now singlemindedly focused on food I can eat, food I can't eat, food I wish I were eating, food food food give me a cookie FTLOG. I am currently eating a salad with a tiny bit of steak in it, taking my 3 point salad to 15 points. What the hell does WW have against beef, I ask you.  The chicken and fish lobbies must be giving them lots of money.

I am allotted 29 points per day. I generally eat 45 to 50.  So I have learned that I eat too much.  Which I kind of already knew.

I am exercising EVERY SINGLE DAY (more of an all or nothing kind of girl, none of that moderation baloney here).  I am doing a variety of exercise tapes, including Power 90 (funny arms are optional!), Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred (why so many reps, Jill, and why don't you or your buddies wear socks??), and the Biggest Loser Cardio Max (omg this one is serious, yo. My thighs are killing me).

Dieting makes me a very cranky, very boring person.  Because its ALL  I THINK ABOUT.

Down 2 lbs in a week, despite eating 50 points a day.

Going to lust over cookies.


  1. I'm back on the Weight Watcher wagon again, too. My only goal over the holidays was to not gain a ton, and thankfully, I think I got by OK with just a half ton. Anyway, this is day two (whoo hoo!) and I'm so damn water logged and have had four clementines already, and I'm so dizzy at the moment, I'm this close to thinking (but not believing) that the chocolate chip cookie I'm eyeballin' is actually some grapes. God help us all...


  2. Hm....I am curious about how many points I eat. I am definitely an overeater, so I think the results would be shocking. I don't believe that someone can be satisfied on 1200 calories a day. If I could just get my butt in gear at the gym, my diet wouldn't matter so much. Alas....lazy and hungry is my MO.

  3. points used to be tied directly to calories, but they've revamped their whole system and now there's some complicated formula about fat and protein and carbs. Case in point, for dessert tonight I made an apple crisp using one apple, one tbsp of brown sugar, two tbsp of butter and two tbsp of oatmeal, which individually added up to 8 points, and yet mix eat them all together and its 11 points, which I do not think is fair.

  4. yeah the new system looks crappy.

  5. Ugh, I HATE dieting. I joined a gym and hope the pounds melt away through exercise alone - or I'll be grumpy, too ;)

  6. Love your blog! Especially the snow post... we're of different mindsets in that one, lol!

    After way too many years I started monitoring my calories a week ago using www.loseit.com. It's been enlightening! I also ate way too much and realize I can survive on 1300 calories a day -I've done it for the last week and lots 4 lbs. But then bombed at a party last night...

    I've thought of WW but it seems wayyyy too complicated for my wee brain to handle. You really do have to keep track of what you eat though. And exercise. Good luck!! :)


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