Tuesday, January 11, 2011

soooo over winter

I'm dreaming of this:
the beach in Costa Rica

but tonight we're getting another foot of this:

the view from our front door last week

When did we move to the Arctic Circle??


  1. There is NO way I could handle that. Me and snow are not BFFs.

  2. I can't stand snow. I'm ready to up and move to a sunny state. At least we only got 10 inches instead of the 18 that was predicted.

  3. Holy cow!! I would be dreaming of that beach, too - how do you go about your normal day with all that snow? But I'm a total wuss from Dallas, so I think an inch of snow is a huge deal. :)

  4. Dig out and dress warmly :-)

  5. I LOVE snow!!! Then I love skiing and all things winter. What I DON'T love is -40. :)

    But still, wow. That is a lot of snow!

  6. We are having a ridiculous winter, its not usually this bad.


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