Thursday, January 27, 2011

Billy bookshelf installed

The Mister picked the Billy bookshelf in the bump-out, so that's what we went with.  We started with one bookshelf to make sure we like it.  I like it and want a second one on the other side.

I am thrilled to have all my books out.  I love a nice ROYGBIV bookshelf (see an example here and here), but I guess at heart I am more a librarian than a designer.  In the new bookshelf all my books are grouped by author.

I do feel that this corner is not finished, though.  I think I'd like another bookshelf on the opposite side, because I still have more books, and I also have a large collection of home decor magazines that don't really have a home.

Also, I am not thrilled with the lamp and side table.  If I leave the table with lamp at the end of the sofa....that looks terribly unbalanced.  I would really like to keep the lamp on this side, because our living room/dining room area is pretty large but only has one light fixture in the dining area.  There are two lamps on my desk but only one works.  In the evenings its dark when I'm sitting on the sofa.

Putting the table on the other side isn't really working for me either.

If I put another bookshelf there then the lamp clearly has to live next to the sofa.

I must think on this.  

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