Friday, January 7, 2011

my mother in law's delicious meatloaf

You are super lucky.  I will share with you my mother in law's excellent meatloaf recipe, as dictated by her a few minutes ago.

1 lb of ground meat.  (She likes Black Angus. I used a beef/veal/pork mix.)
1 raw egg
3 hardboiled eggs, sliced
a goodly portion of good parmesan cheese (no, Kraft does not count) (I'm guessing a goodly portion = 3/4 cup, maybe a whole cup.)
salt to taste
sliced or shredded cheese (she uses whatever is in the fridge.  Mozzarella goes nicely.  I like to use a lactose free cheddar.)
sliced onion
olive oil

1) Mix the parmesan cheese and egg and salt with the ground meat.  (If you insist on adding breadcrumbs, use the Italian kind with parsley.) Mush it all around, but don't over-handle it.

2) Put the ground meat on a flat surface. I like a cookie sheet, or a sheet of wax paper to control the mess. Pound it out into a long rectangular shape. The Mister will use a rolling pin or a can of soda to do this, I just use my hands.

3.) Spread the cheese over the meat.  Sprinkle the sliced eggs over the cheese.

4) From one end, roll the meat up, kind of like a Christmas log. Seal the edges so the cheese doesn't leak out.

5) Place the meat into a baking pan.  Festoon and surround with onion slices.  Put a wee bit of water on the bottom of the pan, and drizzle the meatloaf with olive oil.

Cook at 375 degrees until its done, probably 45 minutes or so.

Sometimes the cheese explodes out the side, but that's okay. Its still delicious.

I know, I know, I got mad food photog skillz.  About as good as my portraiture skills.  Le sigh.  Its tasty, I swear.  The only time you might want to avoid eating this is the night before you go into labor with your second child.  Just sayin'. But every other time its delicious.

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  1. So I can eat it the night before I go into labor with a first or third child. Check.


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