Friday, May 27, 2011

allergy season

For the past few weeks, we have all had terrible allergies, with sniffling, sneezing, runny noses, and hacking coughs.  We took Peter to the emergency room one night because he could barely breathe for coughing and I thought he might be having an asthma attack.  Luckily it turned out to be temporary allergies and not asthma, but he is still taking a huge number of medications for another six weeks, till allergy season is over.

This is why we are having such terrible allergies.

That's not snow. stuff.  Pollen?  It comes off these trees--see the long furry fuzzy things?

And for weeks, it looks like its snowing while all this crap falls off the trees.

We will all be thrilled when our sinus headaches go away.

Funny story--I think it was about this time last year that we had a fire in the kitchen.  I remember because we were sitting outside on the front lawn, waiting for the fire trucks, and the fire trucks pulled up to our street, but turned down the wrong way, because there was SO MUCH of this pollen flying around that down the street it looked like swirling smoke clouds.


Whatcha all doing for the holiday weekend?  My sister is coming for a visit, and I have some scintillating plans to do some packing and painting of furniture.  Auntie Sarah loves to visit, I always put her to work.  


  1. Is the white stuff coming from a neighbor's cottonwood tree? Ugh.

    We are also seasonal allergy sufferers. The generic form of flonase nasal spray works wonders for the adults in the family.

  2. That is INSANE. I don't think I'll ever complain about mine again!!!


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