Monday, May 23, 2011

dining room mood board

I've been working on a moodboard for the new house dining room.  (I think I need a new name for the new house, because I plan to live there for two-ish years, then there will be another new house....should I just start naming them by counties, or number we've lived in?  This would be House #9.)

In any event!  The walls will be white and I will not be painting them.  Probably.  I'll live with it for a while and then decide.  The all white wall policy is making me lean towards colorful furniture and fabrics.

1 and 2. I love this enormous refinished china cabinet from the blog Southern Exposure (go check out the before and after pictures--its an amazing makeover).  I'd love to find something similar on craigslist.  My plan is to spend around $250 on the biggest china cabinet I can find on craigslist, and paint it a happy, cheerful red.  We have very little storage in the kitchen, and I plan on using the china cabinet for dish storage and other kitchen items.

3.  The chandelier in the house looks similar to this one, although it has a second tier of lights. You can sort of see it in the picture under number 5 below.  Three years ago I would have been all "arg, that brass chandy is SOOOO EIGHTIES".  Today I love it.  Personal growth!

4.  The curtains will be made out of this Richloom Lucy Eden fabric.  I really love this fabric and think its going to look fabulous. The dining room is open to the living room, and I also think it will go nicely with the peacock and red tones in the living room.

5.  Ah, the infamous picture ledge wall.  I'm hoping to work it in, but we'll see.  The dining room currently looks like this (but by the time we move in will be white, not red):

To the right of the dining table is where the china cabinet will be going.  Where the massive china cabinet is in the above picture--look at the top of the china cabinet---there's a window behind it.  I will not be covering up a window with a china cabinet.  So the only place left to put my wall of picture ledges is on either side of the back window, or under the half window on the left.  I can't decide if that would look dumb or cool.  So....maybe, maybe not.  We'll see.

I am contemplating putting my black sideboard under that half window on the left.  I am afraid that there will be Too! Much! Furniture! if I do that.   Won't know till I move in.

6.  We currently have the Sumner table and fretwork chairs which will be coming with us.

As always, plans are subject to change :-)

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  1. I love all of your choices! It's funny about the brass chandelier comment. We have them in the new house and at first I was like, ugh, but they've grown on me.


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