Thursday, May 26, 2011

MW rugs for the Princess room, and more orange paint

The boys'  room will need a rug, and the Princess's room will need a rug.  I plan on using our brown trellis rug in one of them.  Originally I had planned to use it in the Princess's room....but I keep coming back to these gorgeous rugs from Madeline Weinrib.  They are pink! And orange!  And sometimes pink and orange together!  They are also a zillion dollars.  A girl can dream.  

Hot Pink and Orange Brooke

Orange Zig Zag
Hot Pink and Orange Westley

Pink and Orange Lulu

Orange Talitha

I also decided I wanted her dresser to be orange. I went to Sherwin Williams, which has a much larger selection of oranges than old fuddy-duddy Benjamin Moore, and here's what I came home with.

Orange is a hard color to pick.  Ack.  From the picture I'd say that Tango is the most "matching" but the Tango is a REALLY strong, bright orange. I'd like something a little softer.  I think I'm between the Inventive Orange and the Orange Appeal.  

That Rejuvenate is awesome coral color, though, and I must find a project for.  It reminds me of this picture


  1. What beautiful rugs. I love Madeline Weinrib rugs...if only I could afford one too!

  2. I'm loving that Rejuvenate!

  3. also, you should have tried stirring orange from sherwin williams :)

    but of your paints, i like orange appeal better than inventive orange. perhaps just picture lighting but the inventive orange has a slight peachy look to it -eh


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