Sunday, May 22, 2011

Waverly Olana Bayleaf, which everyone hates, and some other pretty chairs

On Friday I posted about choosing a fabric, and pretty much everyone said Oh, fabric #2 is SO awesome, and the paisley Fabric #1 is not bad. Fabric #2 is going to be used in the dining room. However,  no one seems to be a fan of fabric #3. People in my real life (ahem, sister) said Fabric #3 is UGLY. 

But reader Tiffany agreed with me that it is QUITE BEAUTIFUL and the haters don't know what they are talking about.  She pointed me towards this chair sold at Horchow which is upholstered in the beautiful fabric #3:

It is quite lovely!  I LIKE IT.  All this hateraide is making me LIKE IT MORE.  

But I'm still undecided on what to do for my bedroom curtains, because the Mister is also in the "eh, the Olana is kind of ugly" camp. I want a new bedspread, because when I washed our green one after Peter peed on it, it shrank when I put it through the dryer, and now every night there is a tug of war and I really just want a blanket that covers the five people who end up in my bed kicking me in the kidneys every night.  I want a midnight blue blanket and pretty curtains that go with a midnight blue blanket.  Don't worry, a mood board for this bedroom is coming soon.  If I can ever make up my mind on what fabric to get. 

In a tangent that leads us ever further afield, as if this post isn't all over the place as it is, if you have a gazillion dollars to spend on a single chair, the choices from Horchow are amazing.  Like, stunning.  Look, aren't they pretty?

Suzani Spindle chair
Poppy orange links chair

Lipstick Rose chair

Olivia chair

I ordered more fabric swatches from, so perhaps we will play this game again next week. 


  1. I am drooling over the suzani chair and the fabric. Gorgeous!

  2. I also loved fabric number 2, but you can't go wrong with any of the choices! Love them all.

  3. "All this hateraide is making me LIKE IT MORE."

    I can totally get behind that sentiment (she said as she clinged tightly to her turquoise Keep Calm And Carry On Poster). ;)

  4. I have an aqua and red Keep Calm poster!

  5. Not that my opinion's worth anything, but I'm totally into that "ugly" chair. I don't want to interfere with your haterade motivation, though, so we can just pretend I didn't say that.

  6. I told you it looks great on that chair. I'm wondering though if the Waverly fabric is a knockoff of another fabric. Would they really put $20 a yard fabric on a $900 chair? Whatever, I still like it!

  7. More than ten years ago, I made fabric shades for my bungalow dining room in the Waverly Olana--and I still absolutely love it. Thinking of buying some to recover toss pillows on my sofa. The chair in that fabric is fabulous--and I'm a professional designer. Don't listen to other people. Choose what you love.


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