Tuesday, May 31, 2011

glossy black vs coral

This weekend I painted our bedroom dressers a high gloss black.  The jury is still out on this one.

We bought our dressers in a tiny discount furniture store in Red Bank about ten years ago.  They were inexpensive birch veneer, and the headboard and mirror were a knock-off mission style. The dressers are fairly inoffensive and have no particular style.  I didn't particularly like them, but we got a bed, two dressers, two nightstands, and a mirror for a very good price, and price was more important than style at the time. (This was before I discovered the wonder of craigslist, or started reading design blogs.  You youngsters don't know how good you got it.)

After a few years I painted the dressers.  They've since been red, a different red, green, brown, a different brown, then brown with the white fronts, and now glossy black.  These dressers have been through nine moves, and while they are still going strong they are starting to show some wear and tear, and to be honest, were not all that attractive to begin with.

The high gloss black is really showing every imperfection and less than smooth surface.  I'm thinking a matte black might have been a better choice. I'm reserving judgment until the new hardware is delivered. (I'll put up pictures when the hardware gets here.)

And then.

This afternoon I saw this:
image via belle maison

I think I need coral dressers.  


  1. I bet the glossy black looks amazing. But the good news is you can always repaint it! What about a nightstand in coral instead?

  2. Oooh the coral is pretty!

    But I am partial to black furniture, so I want to reserve judgment until I see them in black.

  3. shopping in red bank is awesome!! I love it there!!!! Love that i found a blogger in new jersey that i can read!!!!

  4. Hopefully the hardware will be delivered today, so I can put up pics. But I need coral furniture somewhere in my house! I think a lamp will be the first to be coral-ized.


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