Sunday, May 29, 2011

painted the side table black

I'm just going to paint everything in the entire house high gloss black.  Help me, its a sickness.

I picked up this bamboo side table at a garage sale about a year ago, prior to the blog. It was a sickly green color then.  I painted it white when I was going through my "paint everything in the house white" phase.

Now I'm in a "paint everything black" phase.  In this house, the walls are a warm beige, so all the white furniture stands out.  This table was up against a white wall, and kind of faded into the background.  In the next house all the walls are white, and so I'm overcome with the desire to colorfully paint all the furniture.

I'm pretty happy with it:


  1. I paint everything high gloss black as well! If you find the cure please let me know!

  2. no cure, I just painted my dressers last night....


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